What we do

We work with you in a collaborative way that takes us closer to understanding what impactful conversations look like in your business.

Internal Coaching

We are thought leaders with a unique level of expertise in internal coaching. We offer consultancy and CPD for internal coaches.


We support organisations to design and implement award winning mentoring programmes. From traditional programmes to cross company or reverse mentoring.

Action Learning

From consultancy to programme design and highly skilled facilitation, we help organisations make the most of action learning.

Mastering Conversations at Work

Workshops and programmes providing essential and advanced conversational skills for both individuals and teams, which tangibly improve communications.

Consultancy & Facilitation

Listening, asking incisive questions and challenging takes us closer to understanding what great conversations look like in your business and delivering results.


We speak at a broad range of conferences and organisations sharing their expertise on mentoring, coaching and mastering great work place conversations.