Emily Cosgrove

Emily’s expertise lies in developing people to have more skillful, honest and powerful dialogue – boosting business results and increasing happiness at work.

20 years ago, I won Young Business Person of the Year for developing my team and experienced first-hand the difference great conversations make to business.  Since then I have designed and delivered innovative mentoring, coaching and learning programmes in over 50 organisations, working with thousands of leaders, mentors and coaches across the globe.

As co-founder of The Conversation Space and director of The Internal Mentor, my focus is specifically on enabling organisations, teams and individuals to grow strength from within: improving conversational understanding and skills, so that leaders are better equipped to develop both themselves and their colleagues.

I provide consultation, programme design, delivery and presentations; regularly contribute to journals and books (including HR Magazine, The Training Journal and (Prof D.) Clutterbuck’s; Everybody Needs a Mentor); speak at conferences (Coaching at Work, FUSE London, EMCC) and am currently Internal Mentoring Special Advisor to the Association of Coaching Supervisors.

I proudly volunteer my support to the 50ft Women Mentoring Programme and Kerning the Gap, both not-for-profit cross-industry mentoring programmes for women in the workplace. When not working, I can often be found recharging my batteries at the Kenwood Ladies pond, swimming outdoors throughout the year.