Sara Hope



Sara has a unique level of expertise on internal coaching and how to develop a culture of coaching conversations.

My passion for growing a culture of coaching conversations began over 20 years ago when I co-created and grew one of the first market leading Internal Coaching Faculties at KPMG LLP.  Combining my leadership roles at EY and Vodafone, my academic research, and my work with a multitude of clients, enables me to bring unique and diverse insights into organisations.

As co-founder of The Conversation Space, and Director of The Internal Coach, I deeply believe that we have the potential to evolve the quality of conversations in organisations to enable them to become the main source of competitive advantage in the 21st century.

My subject-matter expertise and personal experience as an internal coach continues to provide me with rich opportunities to help shape the profession.  I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts in places such as Coaching at Work, The Training Journal, HR Magazine, Roffey Park, CIPD, EMCC, ICF and through The Ridler Report.