Being an internal coach



KPMG believes in enhancing its own talent. And what better way to do it than from within. The firm’s model of internal coaching has evolved organically and its core aim is to “enable people to excel in their role and be a source of competitive advantage”. So says Sara Hope who was previously senior business coach for advisory services.

Leaders at the professional services giant believe passionately that it makes intuitive sense to leverage the firm’s capability and talent from within. Hope believes much of KPMG’s success in creating a sustainable approach to internal coaching is down to the team’s flexibility, professionalism and, perhaps most importantly, the depth and quality of the relationships they have created with their clients.

What we did

Sara Hope co-created and grew a market leading internal coaching faculty within the audit and advisory functions of KPMG LLP. She built up a track record of enabling clients to achieve significant change in personal performance, leadership, team management and business outcomes through internal coaching.


During her time at KPMG Sara developed a reputation both internally and externally for her expertise on internal coaching and was often consulted by different organisations to give pragmatic advice on what makes internal coaching work. She examined the unique aspects of developing an internal coaching capability as part of her MSc in Coaching. Her findings can be found in Coaching at Work, British Psychological Society (BPS) Assessment & Development Matters, CIPD HR Bulletin, and Contemporary Themes in Strategic People Management, British Psychological Society (BPS) Assessment & Development Matters, and the CIPD HR Bulletin

“I believe you bring creativity, appropriate challenge and a sense of pride in what you do. You have a natural passion for your subject and drive to succeed which clearly leads to you undertaking your work with enthusiasm and excitement. As a result it is always a pleasure to work with you as I know this will lead to a true team effort with high energy.”

HR Director

“Sara brings a professional and deep knowledge of the practicalities of coaching in the workplace. As a trainer, she is able to engage participants in ways that not only imparts new knowledge, but helps them absorb the mindset of an internal coach.

Professor David Clutterbuck