Consultancy – Great Conversations



Due to our depth of expertise on developing conversational capability within organisations, we were invited to provide consultancy and design support to the internal learning team at Lloyds Banking Group.

The aim was to build a programme designed to develop Line Manager capability so that participants were better able to engage hearts and minds through great conversations, and create an uplift in colleague and team performance.


In consultation with key stakeholders and internal trainers, our team at The Conversation Space designed a programme that incorporated innovative approaches and employed the latest techniques and thinking in Conversational Wisdom®.

The comprehensive package of support included:

  • Full design of programme incorporating a 70:20:10 blend of learning
  • Development of detailed facilitation notes and all supporting materials (recommended articles, videos, learning journals, pre/post work activities etc).
  • Train the trainer design
  • Alignment of content with internal competency framework
  • Consultancy on critical elements to programme success (peer action learning sets, marketing & sponsorship, programme support etc)
  • Evaluation
  • Coaching support for programme owner


Due to the success of the pilot, the programme is now being rolled out across the business and forms a core part of the Line Manager Academy. Feedback has been consistently positive, particularly in relation to the value of developing conversational skills on participants’ day to day roles, and business performance.

“Sara and Emily provided invaluable support to our team in the development of an innovative learning solution to improve our organisations management capability. I was hugely impressed with the thoroughness both Sara and Emily displayed in seeking to reflect our needs based on a relatively complex ‘problem’ statement as well as their patience and grounded modelling in respecting and working with the prevailing culture in our organisation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Conversation Space as generous and deeply impactful experts in conversational wisdom.”

Rob Bravo
Senior HR Business Partner – Group Executive Functions