Professional Services – Conversational Wisdom



There is a simple reason why some people reach a plateau or realise they are not achieving the change they want to. It comes down to conversations. Many of us have learned to talk at people, not with them, and it can be a barrier to delivering results.

One global professional service firm chose to work with us to shift the way in which their Learning Partners were having internal client conversations. Rather than going into dialogues as the expert with all the answers, or saying ‘yes’ to any demands, they wanted to enable participants to have ‘issues led’ conversations which were underpinned with the principles of coaching.

The aim was to invest time and resource into a population who had a pivotal role to play in changing the culture across the firm to one of ‘Learning for Life’.


We worked with the client to create and deliver a 9 month programme of activities that provided a framework for:

  • Knowing how to have conversations that build and strengthen successful relationships
  • Appreciating how you can adapt your stance and achieve extraordinary results
  • Being able to role model great conversational skills throughout client relationships
  • Enabling participants to employ tools and techniques in both 1-1 conversations and when facilitating group/team conversations

The programme was a combination of:

  • Facilitated learning modules
  • Action Learning & Supervision
  • Pre and post workshop reading and activities


The programme challenges –

  • The notion of what it means to be in a conversation that embodies equality rather than power
  • What it means to speak honestly and grow personal courage
  • The assumptions of what’s possible when we give ourselves permission to disagree

As well as understanding why conversations are critical to increasing engagement and innovation, the programme provides participants with the tools and methods to transform their 1-1 and group meetings.

The outcomes for participants are:

  1. a shift in routine patterns of interaction that make conversations more inclusive, authentic and challenging
  2. leaving the programme with an ability to grow stronger relationships, grounded in trust, honesty, and the potential to transform the way they work

“It was a revelatory journey & I have grown in confidence as a result. The content was new, & delivered in an engaging & meaningful way.

Rather than being positioned as development, this programme needs to be a requirement in order to do our job effectively.”

Director of Learning
Global Professional Services