Mentoring & Coaching



The Body Shop wanted to bring to life and deliver a unique internal mentoring programme, designed to equip the senior leadership team to have great mentoring dialogue using a coaching approach. They wanted specific focus given to the acquisition and development of skills and behaviours (including the development of a coaching mindset) required to be a great coaching/mentoring leader.


Working with the International Learning & Talent manager, we designed, launched and delivered a nine-month mentoring programme. Both mentors and mentees were trained in mentoring and how to gain the maximum value from their learning relationship. We provided on-going support for all participants to continue development in their role and to review how the relationship was progressing.

A further four cohorts have now rolled out and an alumni group of mentors established to maintain a growing mentoring culture at The Body Shop.


  • Using a coaching approach during mentoring conversations has been brought to life at The Body Shop.
  • The programme is supported through action learning sets.
  • Both mentor and mentee groups are staying connected through forums on an on-line shared experience website.

One participant commented:
“I’ve encouraged reflection in someone I invited to the Christmas cascade to see what they got out of the day. I’ve stopped myself from telling one of the retail team what to do about a management problem. I’ve even listened carefully to my boss talking through a tricky situation and quietly watched him find his own conclusion. Free range mentoring…and nobody seemed to mind!”

“Working with Emily and Sara has been an experience of true partnership and collaboration. It has been rewarding to be guided by their wealth of experience and expertise when designing and delivering the programme. Their flexibility and capacity to tailor their material in the moment to individual’s needs, has also made them a big hit with our participants.”

Sarah Burns
International Learning & Talent Director