Mentoring: Pilot to Global Roll Out



Premium brand Swarovski had identified pockets of mentoring and examples of informal mentoring relationships taking place across the organisation, but had not yet established a shared mentoring approach. They approached us for support to run a pilot mentoring programme, specifically aimed at empowering women in leadership as well as their high potentials within Swarovski Europe.


Working with Swarovski Global VP Learning for Development, Petra Lockhart, we designed and launched a pilot programme supporting an initial 11 mentoring pairs drawn from across Europe.  Global roll out began in February 2015 with the launch of the first Asia/Pacific programme in Hong Kong followed by further roll outs in Europe later that year, in 2016 and the launch of mentoring in Swarovski South America in 2016.

We provided consultancy for design and launch, initial training for mentors and mentees, briefings for Line Managers, continued support for both mentors and mentees to develop in their role, through on-going action learning sets and reviews.

We have also trained both internal mentoring trainers and internal action learning facilitators at Swarovski and continue to support them as they continue to grow their global mentoring programme.


Following the mentoring skills workshops all participant responses agreed that they felt highly or very highly equipped to work as a mentor/mentee.

‘The pace of discussion kept my interest and the perspectives of the other mentors was extremely informative. The chance to practice mentoring skills in a safe environment was also very instructive.’

  • 100% of mentors have continued for a second year.
  • Almost two thirds of mentees have been promoted or taken on extra responsibility since beginning the mentoring.
  • 30% of mentee’s Line Managers have expressed an interest in taking part in the mentoring as a participant.
  • By the end of 2015 there was a pool of over 100 mentors and mentees
  • There is a rolling waiting list for the next round of mentoring!

“What a great start for this new initiative @ Swarovski! Although the pilot program has identified benefits for our internal top talents, additionally we have seen great learning and development for the mentors themselves. It has been an energizing pilot and has created hunger for mentoring within the organization. We are eager and confident to roll out globally and in turn train appropriate HR colleagues to progress the roll out.”

Petra Lockhart
Global VP Learning for Development