The Business of Coaching Conference & Coaching at Work Annual Conference

At this conference Emily presented a highly-attended case study on Global Mentoring at Swarovski – Conversations with a Sparkle. In this session she shared how formal mentoring can offer much more than just a one to one learning relationship.

Emily shared the Swarovski story so far from launch of their first formal pilot mentoring scheme, to global programme.  There were video contributions from mentors and mentees, sponsor, line managers and programme coordinator who shared their personal stories and learnings as well as a live Skype Q&A session with one of the most senior mentors.

The session shared practical insights and examples of how in partnership with Swarovski, The Conversation Space had built a mentoring offering that:

  • develops high potential individuals and aides their progression
  • raises the leadership skills of senior executives
  • nurtures cross-functional relationships
  • includes line managers
  • uses action learning as an approach to mentor supervision
  • offers train the trainer sessions to build internal capability

“I recently saw Emily present to a large group at the Coaching at Work conference. I found her style to be authentic, engaging and worth listening to. I would recommend anyone looking to break ground with a mentoring programme to listen to how she may be able to support you. Great job.”

Conference participant Tim Hawkes
World leader in developing coaching cultures

The Business of Coaching Conference – Manchester Business School 2014

Sara Hope and Louise Buckle

Making internal coaching work – the challenges in establishing a sustainable internal coaching resource

This conference was created to help keep participants up to date with the latest thinking, enabling them to dig deeper into some of the tried and tested approaches, and inspire them through hearing success stories from experts in the field of internal coaching.

Drawing on both research and practical experience, Sara and Louise spoke about the challenges involved in setting up an internal coaching resource that meets the expectations placed on it within an organisation.

It was a practical real-world session looking at internal coaching both from the coach’s perspective and from the organisation’s perspective.  Sara and Louise showed how internal coaching is an umbrella term for a range of different things. They identified critical success factors and explored issues such as the varied business drivers, key elements in a coaching strategy, the importance in having clarity of purpose, how to avoid unintended consequences and derailers, how to decide on levels of training, qualifications, supervision and more.

 “I asked Sara to speak at the Business of Coaching because she truly knows the world of internal coaching and the art of creating conversations in today’s organisations. She has wonderful energy that the audience respond to and delivers with style and credibility. She will remain on my preferred speaker list for a long time.”

Helen Tiffany
Association for Coaching Vice Chair